Let’s face it, most of us take water and sewer service for granted. We turn on the tap, and out comes clean water. We shower or flush the toilet, and the wastewater flows smoothly down the drain.
That is until it doesn’t.
Maintaining your sewer line is vital for your health, safety, and home value. Still, occasionally we need a sewer line installation, and the first question most people ask is if it’s necessary to hire a Master Plumber for a job like this?

How Do You Know Your Sewer Lines Need Attention?

* A few key hints include:
* Strong sewer odors in your home
* Sewage backups in your home
* Gurgling sounds coming from your drains when you use them
* Frequently clogged drains
* Multiple drains clogging at once
* Weird water patterns like backups in your bathtub every time your clothes washer drains
* Smelly wet spots in your yard
* Overgrown places in your yard or shrubs

Need A New Sewer Line Installation?

First, consider what pipes they used when they first installed your sewer. Clay pipes last 50+ years, while cast iron pipes can last over 100 years. However, both are subject to corrosion. Some older materials may even pose health hazards and should be replaced solely for this reason. PVC lines last many years and are the preferred material for modern sewer line installations.
Another consideration is how well they installed the original sewer lines and the sewer code at that time.
Sewer lines fail due to trees, mineral deposits, water pressure, ground movement, and soil composition (especially acidity).
What sort of damage has happened to the sewer line, and the extent of that damage will impact the need for a new sewer line installation.
It is crucial to hire a licensed plumber to do major sewer work for several reasons.
Why Hire A Master Plumber?
First, many municipalities require Licensed Master Plumbers to install or repair major sewer lines. You will want to check with your local city offices regarding these regulations. This is especially true if you are connecting to city sewer services.
Second, sewer line installation requires a unique skill set that few general contractors possess. Different types of insurance and bond cover sewer installations; many general contractors may not have this coverage.
Third, installing sewer lines is a labor-intensive job requiring physical effort, the right tools, and time.
Finally, your plumber can use a video scope to precisely determine the problem and how extensive the job will be. They can show you precisely what is happening with your pipes and make recommendations for repair or replacement.

What Can You Do To Take Care Of Your Sewer Lines?

* Whether you have a new sewer line installation or are just maintaining the existing system, there are steps you can take to minimize trouble in the future.
* Here are some quick tips to keep your sewer line in good operating condition:
* Know where your sewer lines are in your yard to plan landscaping and parking decisions wisely.
* Don’t plant trees over or near sewer lines, as the roots will eventually seek moisture from the pipes.
* Don’t park vehicles directly over sewer lines as the weight and pressure can crush the pipes eventually.
* Don’t ever flush any substance down the toilet other than human waste or toilet paper.
* Never ever pour grease down a drain as it can quickly clog the pipes.
Don’t trust your sewer maintenance to just anyone. Whether you live, sewer work requires special skills, tools, and safety procedures. Let us give you some options so we can help assist you in deciding what solution is right for your situation.

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