Like other components of your home, plumbing pipes can fail either due to damage, age, or lack of maintenance. Dealing with plumbing issues is not something you want to experience in your Asheville home anymore. Pipes have different lifespans depending on the material they are made of. While most pipes have a long lifespan, the fittings, pipe joints, and mechanical components can compromise your pipe connections resulting in leaks. Dripping fixtures and leaky pipes can damage your valuables and expose your family to the risk of injuries and health conditions.


Plumbing Tips


If your pipes are continually failing, maybe it’s time to replace them. Here are wary signs that it’s time to replace your pipes.


If your plumbing pipes are continually leaking even after repairing them, it’s time to do a replacement. Wet spots on the ceiling or floors where pipes pass indicate the pipes are leaking. Where pipes are hidden in walls, it hard to notice a leak. However, backed-up drains or low water pressure indicate pipe issues.



If there is a drastic decrease in water pressure, this is a sign there is a problem with your pipes. According to Autry plumbing, the first thing to do after noticing a decrease in water pressure is to check whether the water heater is in good condition. A malfunctioning water heater can cause low water pressure. Additionally, check whether all the indoor and outdoor faucets are turned off. If all the mentioned items are in good condition, then there might be a leaky pipe. Old iron pipes may get clogged with rust, which leads to a sudden loss of pressure.



When the water coming through pipes is discolored, that’s an indication there are underlying issues. If the water contains yellow, orange, or red particles, that’s an indication of rust in pipes. Rust in old iron pipes gets into water and changes the color of water. According to renowned plumbers from Autry plumbing, rust, and corrosion cause holes in pipes.

 On the flip side, green or blue water shows the presence of copper or brass in the fittings. When water is black in color, that is an indication there is growth in the pipes, which is treacherous. Discolored water exposes your family to multiple diseases. Therefore, it is imperative to replace the pipes if your water is discolored.



 Numerous homeowners think that a clogged drain is a petty issue. While the drain could be easily unclogged, it could also indicate serious issues. In most cases, the culprit of clogged or slow-moving drains is poor venting in the pipes. If your vents are blocked or damaged, it is prudent to call a renowned plumber to assess the issue and make necessary repairs.

Also, tree or plant roots can interfere with underground plumbing pipes causing slow drains. If pipes are severely damaged by tree roots, the best option is to replace them.

It is prudent to take immediate action when you notice pipe problems. If the pipes have had constant problems, the right option is to replace them. Reach us for professional plumbing services.


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