Kitchen renovations are a big project requiring planning, time, and money. Families spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so it should be a functional and comfortable space. Three things to consider when updating your kitchen are the available space, a functional layout, and your budget.

Kitchen Renovations

A common reason for renovating a kitchen is to create more space. But before you go extreme and knock down walls, weigh the cost of that extra space. Maybe you need a better layout or better organization of your current kitchen.
When you really need more space, see if there are any adjoining rooms to add square footage… think about laundry room, pantry, bathroom, mudroom, or closet space that you can use more efficiently. A great option may be combining these spaces into one super-functional kitchen space.
An experienced planner can help reconfigure the walls, ceilings, or windows to make a kitchen feel larger without adding space.

The Layout

According to most experts, sticking with the existing layout or merging smaller rooms is the best approach to kitchen remodels. Moving gas lines, oven connections, or heating/air conditioning ductwork should be avoided if possible and will save a lot of money.
The most common request for a renovation is more outlets to accommodate all the appliances we use daily. Adding several new outlets and updating the wiring while expanding the water lines to include dishwashers and ice makers usually minimizes cost and effort.
Replacing a stove or refrigerator doesn’t require extensive remodeling but adding a dishwasher, a larger kitchen sink, or a built-in microwave may. Renovations for these reasons are also quite common.

An open upper cabinet arrangement adds both space and aesthetic appeal in addition to closed cabinets on the lower level.
The proper lighting can also breathe new life into a kitchen. Replace old windows/doors with larger, modern ones that let in more natural light. Use light layers to create dramatic effects such as recessed, under cabinet, and pendant lights. Adding dimmer switches also allows you to control the amount of light and electrical use.
Another influence on the kitchen light is color. Lighter colors make spaces look bigger, while darker shades make areas look smaller. You might consider giving your kitchen a facelift with a new coat of paint or some new, easy-to-clean tile flooring.

The Budget

Cost is most often the most challenging aspect of a kitchen renovation. But, in reality, this is where you should start. How much are you considering spending versus the added value to your home?
Study your favorite kitchens in magazines or local home centers. What do you like about each? What do you not like about each? The time spent doing this can save your sanity in planning your kitchen renovation.
Are you looking to use a home equity loan? Shop around for financing options such as zero interest for six months to a year.
Maybe you want to save money by doing some of the work yourself or just giving your cabinets and walls a facelift instead of buying new ones.
When you are starting to consider a kitchen renovation, the best advice is to talk to people – your friends, experts at the home store, and contractors. They can help you think of things you may not have considered.

Remember, good things take time but getting it right is very satisfying. Let us help you design your perfect kitchen renovation.

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