Clogged drains occur from materials such as hair, food particles, grease, oils, mineral deposits, tree roots and more. Although these wastes can’t be seen, they do form clogs inside your drains over time. When you contact a professional rooter service, it’s important to ask them what type of material is causing your clogs.

When looking at the causes of clogged drains, there are several other contributing factors, including tree roots and buildup of hard chemicals and debris within your plumbing system. Tree roots are difficult to remove and can sometimes cause serious damage to your drainage system if they are allowed to build up and break through. If you live in an area where tree growth is common, it is imperative that you call a professional plumber to fix any root problems. If the clog is caused by build-up, then your local plumber will have special equipment designed to deal with building up of deposits from natural causes like rainfall.

Rooter Service

What, exactly, is a rooter service? A rooter service is a specific type of plumbing repair which usually involves drain cleaning or pipe repair. A rooter can be used to address many different plumbing problems. These include clogged drain cleaning, tree root infiltrations, and broken or difficult-to-fix pipe connections. Typically, a plumbing company will use different tools that they snake through your drains to unclog them, sometimes having to take away the water pipe system to take out the clogs manually.

Tree roots was the original reason for clogged drains, hence why this service is called the “ROOTer service.” Now, rooter service can address all type of drainpipe clogs that affect your plumbing.

Reliable Drain Cleaning Services in Asheville

Clogged drains are a serious plumbing issue that usually need drain cleaning. You might be dealing with a clogged drain in your bathroom, laundry room, kitchen, or utility sink in your garage. Tree roots, corrosion, and debris can build up and threaten the healthy functioning of your home’s drains and sewer lines. When this happens, you need a professional rooter service to solve the problem and address your home’s plumbing needs. A rooter is a drain cleaning machine that was invented to unblock drains that have been clogged from tree roots and other hard to reach debris.

If you have a serious plumbing issue such as a clogged drain, it is not a good idea to try to fix it yourself.

In Asheville, we’re you’re #1 choice for high quality drain cleaning services. When you call us, we’ll give you a quote right away, schedule one of our technicians to come to your home. When they arrive, they will assess your situation, explain what needs to be done, and fix your problem.

Why Do you Need a Rooter Service?

Rooter service is designed to solve the problem of clogged drains and slow drains. Clogs can affect your plumbing in these ways:

  • Clogs inside a sink’s drain. These clogs are generally made up of debris such as food scraps, hair, and soap scum.
  • A larger clog blocking your home’s sewer line usually shows up as widespread drainage issues in several areas of your home. This can also show up as minor backups in tubs and showers when a toilet is flushed or your washing machine runs.
  • Sewer clogs can also be due to debris build up, non-flushable items in the pipes, or they may be caused by tree roots growing into your sewer line that cannot be removed without the help of your professional rooter service.

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