If you have a broken pipe, odds are you’re panicking right now. Stop and take a
deep breath. For starters, turn off your water. If you don’t know where it is, don’t
feel bad, most people don’t and only consider the location after the chaos has
ensued. Call a neighbor you know is a handy person based on projects you’ve
seen them finish. They probably know how to shut off your water.

After you’ve taken care of the immediate need, call Autry Plumbing. We’ll be out
quickly to help with this emergency and get your plumbing back on track.

Why Does a Pipe Break?

There are numerous reasons a pipe could break. One of the biggest culprits is
freeze-thaw in the winter and springtime. You must protect water lines from the
elements. You have to have your pipes winterized before winter. Shutting off the
irrigation for your landscaping is mandatory. Ensure your pipes are drained
adequately unless you are a skilled DIY person in this arena. If this skill isn’t in
your wheelhouse, hire a professional.
Don’t turn on your irrigation system too early in the spring. One seriously hard
late winter storm can damage what you tried so hard to protect. If you know
where the main irrigation box is and the key that looks like a long steel stick with
an L on one end and prongs on the bottom, that’s the tool you need to shut off
the irrigation. The L part is what you hold while using the prongs to turn to the
right gently. Just remember, “righty tighty, lefty loosey.”

A Broken Pipe is in My House- What Do I Do?

With any luck, you’ve caught this problem quickly. Again, shut off the water to the
house. Call Autry Plumbing now. Our business deals with emergencies regularly.

After calling us, there are things you can do to help reduce the damage. Grab a
bucket, mop, and towels to soak up water. The faster you can do that, the less
likely mold or mildew will develop. If you have fans, put them on high and point
them to the wet areas.
Suppose the interior pipe that broke is next to an exterior wall. In that case, you’ll
need to insulate that area and determine if other areas are at risk.
Avoiding a Water Line Break

One of the reasons a water line will break is because the water is stagnant. After
all, no one is in the house doing dishes, flushing toilets, or anything that keeps
the water flowing down your pipes during cold snaps.

If it’s winter and you’re going out of town to escape the frigid weather, don’t turn
your heating all the way off. You must leave your heat on a lower setting than
usual, but not off. Open cabinet doors where you have the plumbing to keep the
pipes from freezing. It’s also good to leave a few of your faucets dripping. Moving
water is more difficult to freeze if you keep the water in your pipes flowing.
Regardless of where you have a broken pipe, we can help you. Although having
a broken pipe is unnerving, it’s no reason to panic. Just pick up your phone and
give Autry Plumbing a call. We’ll be out in record time to get your plumbing back
in order. That’s what we do so you can rest easy.