Your water heater is the workhorse of your home and rarely gets the thanks or
maintenance it deserves. A water heater inspection can save replacing your unit
when you have minor maintenance completed on an ongoing basis. With your
water heater closed off in a closet or the basement laundry room, it’s easy to
forget about it.

Scheduling regular water heater inspections can catch manageable repairs
before damage is done and the unit requires replacement.

If you’re not well versed in the ins and outs of water heaters, call Autry Plumbing.
We’re licensed professionals with your best interest at heart. One of our
technicians can complete your water heater inspection and service your unit,
keeping your family in hot water.

What Does a Water Heater Inspection Entail?

Even if you’re not a serious DIY person, there are things you can look for to get
an idea if you need repairs. Look for corrosion where the pipes meet the water
heater. If they look like they need cleaning, you will need to get a water heater
inspection to assess the condition of your unit. An inspection can pinpoint
necessary repairs, saving you from having to replace the entire unit.

If you see any leaking, you’ll need to address that immediately. Put your annual
water heater inspection on your calendar. It’s very easy to forget until you have
no hot water, which usually happens at the most inopportune time.

Benefits to Keeping Your Water Heater in Good Shape

Your water heater may not be that big, but it works nonstop to bring hot water to
your bathrooms, laundry room, kitchen, and anywhere else you need hot water

Because it runs continuously, it is responsible for a significant chunk of your
power bill. Estimates range from 18%-30% of your power bill. If your unit hasn’t
had a water heater inspection, you could lose a chunk of money. Regular
maintenance will ensure your unit is performing at its peak. If you notice a spike
in your power bill, go look at your water heater and see if you can see any telltale
signs of needed repairs.

Regular Maintenance Needs for Your Water Heater

You must be sure to drain your water heater regularly to remove dirt and silt that
can clog the lines. Flushing the tank can be tricky if you don’t have someone to
help you that knows what they’re doing. Clogged lines equal higher power bills.
Cleaning the plumbing joints is key to keeping the water heater working. You
need to service anything corroded. Leaking gas or water will require service.
If you, or someone in your family, are experiencing headaches, stomach upset,
dizziness, and physical weakness, among other symptoms, check the gas line to
your water heater. Carbon monoxide leaks are odorless and deadly. Turn off the
gas and call Autry Plumbing. Proper ventilation is critical.

Our highly trained technicians can inspect, repair and install the large variety of
water heaters on the market. There are gas, tankless, electric, hybrid, and solar
water heaters.

When you call us for an inspection, you can rest easy. You’ll know exactly what
your unit needs to keep your water heater working at maximum capacity. Your
technician will check the ventilation system, look for leaks and corrosion, and
ensure the unit was installed correctly. Call Autry Plumbing, and we’ll ensure this
workhorse is in top shape.