Sanitation has always been an important consideration when designing a home, especially in bathrooms and kitchens. Interestingly, many people feel as though public restrooms are better equipped to prevent the spread of germs than private residential restrooms, due to the contactless technology on toilets, faucets, soap dispensers, and hand dryers. Unsurprisingly, touchless fixtures are now gaining popularity with homeowners. Here, we’ll take a look at 5 reasons you should think about taking advantage of touchless plumbing options for your residence.

1. It’s easier to maintain a sanitized environment.

Maintaining the sanitation of public restrooms has been an important standard for decades. This is true in our homes as well. In the average household, people go out of their way to ensure there is sufficient cleanliness. It doesn’t take much imagination to realize how nasty and unhealthy the world would be if both public and private places weren’t kept clean. Although it’s impossible to keep these places spotless and germ-free 24/7, touchless fixtures can make it easier to maintain ideal sanitation consistently.

2. You can save money on utilities.

Bathrooms require a lot of energy to continue running optimally. Contactless fixtures make it easier to conserve both energy and water usage. Touchless showers, sinks, faucets, and even flushless toilets have automatic controls that limit the amount of water being used for each individual. These fixtures can turn on automatically when someone is nearby, and turn off when they leave.

3. These fixtures help minimize health concerns.

With so many people living in close quarters, there are bound to be germs and bacteria spread around. This can lead to nasty illnesses that affect a persons overall health. Reducing an individual’s risk of coming into contact with contagions can help mitigate the spread of infectious disease. Whether in a home or public setting, motion-sensing fixtures can help tremendously. A touchless faucet, automatic toilet, and contactless soap dispenser all work in unison to greatly reduce the spread of germs, by reducing the amount of contact each person has with the fixtures.

4. You might qualify for rebates and savings programs.

Many federal and state programs make an effort to reduce energy waste in their areas by offering rebates and savings programs. In some cases homeowners are eligible to receive incentives, when investing in energy-efficient fixtures and appliances. Since these options tend to be more expensive than their counterparts, so these deals are supposed to encourage homeowners to make the investment. The Environment Protection Agency (EPA) is one of the largest providers of programs for water conservation. Both business owners and homeowners can sign up for these programs, to qualify for financial compensation.

5. These fixtures help conserve water.

Water shortages are becoming an issue in countries around the world due to the harmful effects of global warming. To help prevent major shortages and even droughts, many places have water restrictions put in place. Homeowners have to adhere to these limits. Touchless fixtures, like the ones you can get from Autry Plumbing, make it easier to adhere to these restrictions.

With Autry Plumbing products, you’ll help contribute to a more environmentally friendly community while also reducing your own costs. Whether you’re using these fixtures in a public or private space, the change will be undeniable.

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