A leak should be fixed as soon as possible to prevent severe structural damage. Unfortunately, not all leaks are as noticeable as water dripping from faucets or pipes. Ceilings, floors, and walls can be hiding spots for leaks. Here are some things you’ll want to look out for to spot these types of hidden water leaks before serious damage occurs.

  • Mold Growth – A leak is often indicated by mold and mildew if you see them growing in your home. You will most likely find leaky pipes if you see the fungi growing. The presence of moisture is required for the fungi to thrive and grow.
  • Wallpaper or Paint That is Peeling or Blistering – Water escaping from a hidden leak in your wall can cause peeling or blistering paint or wallpaper. These blisters can appear anywhere from the substrate to the top two coats of paint. These symptoms may appear whether or not a leak is present. It is crucial that you stay vigilant, as leaks may not always result in these exact symptoms.
  • Wall or Ceiling Discoloration – Over time, walls and ceilings exposed to moisture will likely get stained and discolored. If no apparent water source contributes to the stains, there is likely to be a leak inside or above the affected area.

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Fixing The Problem

If you have seen any of the signs listed above, it is best to address the situation immediately. Whenever a hidden leak occurs, you should contact Autry Plumbing, an experienced plumbing company. Using their tools, a skilled technician can locate the leak and repair it minimally invasively.

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