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Clogged bathroom sinks are easy to deal with compared to other sinks such as kitchen sinks. The right information helps you effectively deal with the sink without the need for repair. You can get rid of a clogged sink by trying to locate the location of the obstruction and removing it. Typically, many people go for commercial drain cleaners before assessing the situation.

Assess your bathroom condition based on the situation at hand. Slow drainage may indicate a clogged pipe or a dirty drain trap. Similarly, low water pressure in the bathroom alone can come from a faulty tap or a dirty faucet aerator. If you have any of the problems, try pouring hot water down the bathroom to unclog the pipes. Avoid using boiling water if you have PVC piping or you are unsure about the plumbing system used in your bathroom. Next, try using a plunger if hot water does not work. In case both solutions do not work, you have to dismantle the faucet aerator if your problem is low pressure, and the drainage trap if you have a clogged sink.

Cleaning the faucet aerator should deal with the low pressure. Faucet repair becomes necessary when the solution doesn’t work. Other situations require faucet replacement for a permanent solution. Similarly, cleaning the drain trap should unclog the blocked sink unless you have a critical situation.

Call a professional plumbing company with licensed plumbers to help with your problem. A certified plumber provides exceptional services that include bathroom sink repairs, faucet repair, and bathroom sink installation. Don’t go for normal plumbers when dealing with a leaking tap in Asheville, NC. Leaky faucet repair requires a professional plumber. Give us a call!


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