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Autry Plumbing LLC

Autry Plumbing LLC services the Asheville region with a full range of residential plumbing services. Under the mantel of founder Albert Autry, our family-owned and operated business has been serving customers in Asheville, NC, looking for a residential plumber “near me” for three decades—and we’ve got lots more pipes and drains to repair. We feature a team of talented plumbing professionals—each one is bonded to deliver our services. From clearing sewer lines to installing new fixtures, our plumbers deliver repair services with reliable expertise—and at an affordable price. Get to know all of our services and contact us when you need a local plumbing professional.

Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations

Autry Plumbing LLC specializes in kitchen and bathroom renovations. These types of projects can enhance the value of your home as well as your enjoyment of your space. But it’s important to consult with experts to ensure that your fixtures and amenities are installed safely. We have the insight you can rely on when it comes to mapping out your new floorplan with water and gas pipes taken into careful consideration.

In your kitchen, we can install hookups for your sink, dishwasher, and refrigerator. We’ll also make sure that your gas lines and general plumbing are routed to accommodate your new renovation floorplan. In your bathroom, we can manage any type of plumbing installation including tubs, showers, sinks, and toilets. Want to convert your tub to a shower? We can do it! Need all bathroom fixtures installed in your newly constructed home? We can manage that too!

We can also ensure that your plumbing is properly installed when it comes to other renovations too. Are you building a bar and want to install a sink? Let Autry Plumbing’s professional residential plumbers tackle the project. Want to relocate your washer and dryer? Our professionals can easily help you renovate your laundry space.

Camera Locate

In-line cameras are a plumber’s best friend. We depend on our sewer cameras to provide us with visibility of your sewer lines and pipes. We can determine if a clog is due to a collapsed section of pipe or tree roots. Our cameras help us detect small issues before they can become large problems. Each of the plumbers at Autry Plumbing is trained in the use of our camera systems. We routinely rely on these cameras to:

  • Determine the cause of sewer drain line backups
  • Troubleshoot recurring clogged drains
  • Inspect slow drains
  • Uncover leaks

If you’re planning to purchase a new home, it’s a good idea to have the plumbing inspected. While basic plumbing inspections are covered under general house inspections, they often overlook sewer lines. We can use our cameras to check the condition of the sewer lines so you won’t have any expensive surprises after you buy the home.

Water Filtration

Clean water is a staple for good health. While we expect the water that comes from our tap to be safe for consumption, we don’t know for certain until it’s tested. Moreover, sometimes tap water contains high levels of iron and zinc—even chlorine and arsenic. Autry Plumbing can install a filtration or purification system designed to keep your tap water safe. Consult with us about which system is right for your situation. Some systems are designed to treat water that contains bacteria or heavy metals. We’ll make sure you have the right filtration or purification system for your home.

Water and Sewer Line

From complete line replacements to section repairs, Autry Plumbing specializes in water and sewer lines. Not all plumbers are qualified to perform water and sewer line inspection and repair services, but our certified plumbers are. If you experience a slow drain or backup, call our plumbers for repair services at the first sign of trouble. We offer emergency repair services too.

Remember, Autry Plumbing offers fast estimates, and we always stand by the quality of our work.

Drain Cleaning

Besides quality plumbing services, Autry Plumbing LLC also provides the Asheville region residential and commercial customers with outstanding drain cleaning services. Drains can get clogged with soap, hair, cosmetics, and other types of grime. We can clean any type of drain, including floor drains in basements, storm drains, sinks, and more.

Water Heater Repair

Asheville, NC, residents looking for water heater repair services “near me” can rely on the professionals of Autry Plumbing to carefully inspect, maintain, and repair their water heaters. We also install new water heaters as needed. To function properly, your water heater needs to be well maintained. If you suspect a problem with your hot water heater, be sure to call the experts at Autry Plumbing to troubleshoot the problem.