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A clogged drain or sewer can cause serious problems to your home. You might be constantly frustrated at any time water does not go down the drain. Attempts to unclog can yield futile results or cause more damage due to a lack of knowledge. Sometimes, the use of a reputable over the counter drain cleaner cannot help with your problem. Avoid embarrassment and worry by employing the best drain cleaning service in Asheville, NC.

Autry Plumbing LLC company offers exceptional drain cleaning near me to any client in Asheville, NC. We hire professional drain plumbers that specialize in drain repair and sewer drain cleaning. The cause of a clogged pipe can result from a stopped-up sewer or tree roots. Many plumbing companies do not offer sewer drain cleaning services since they only focus on clogged pipes and drains. We go beyond normal plumbing services by using plumbing contractors who seek out the source of the problem.

Services Offered


Our team of plumbers work hard to unclog any clogged areas. Clogged pipes can cause significant problems such as clogged drains and clogged toilets. Sometimes, clogged sewers can cause you to believe that your pipes are blocked. Professional plumbing services help identify the problem.

Drain Cleaning Service Asheville NC

Many customers complain of dirty drainage systems that cause the clogging of the plumbing systems. We cover indoor and outdoor drain cleaning that covers the following areas.

  1. Kitchen drain cleaning
  2. Basement drain cleaning
  3. Basement floor drain cleaning
  4. Utility room floor drains
  5. Bathroom drain cleaning

Seek out our team today for the best prices and clarification on the services that we offer.

Our Plumbers

Autry Plumbing carefully screens all of our plumbing contractors to make sure they have the training and skills needed to offer our professional plumbing services. Our family-owned and operated company is led by Albert Autry, a master plumber, and his wife Marlene, who manages the administrative side of the business. As a local plumbing company, Autry Plumbing is dedicated to our local customers. If you need any type of plumbing service, our pros can help.

Best Prices in Town

Autry Plumbing is dedicated to providing our customers with the best prices in town. We’ve been in business for 30 years and have many long-term clients. Customers choose us because they know we provide the best-quality workmanship at an affordable price. We don’t overcharge and don’t recommend unnecessary services. Plus, our estimates are free. If you have questions about water heater cost or the costs of other services, simply ask. We are transparent about our pricing.

What Can You Expect When You Hire Autry Plumbing?

When you hire us to perform any plumbing service for your Asheville home or business, you can expect the following:

  • The Best Prices in Town
  • Free Estimates
  • Zero Travel Charges
  • Licensed and Bonded Plumbers
  • High-Quality Service

We’ve built our reputation on values like honesty and integrity and can’t imagine operating our business any other way. You can rely on us to get the job done right the first time.

If you need professional drain cleaning services in or around Asheville, NC, contact Autry Plumbing. We can send a uniformed plumber to your home or business to evaluate the situation and provide you with the ideal solution. Be sure to read our testimonials; discover what other local customers have to say about our excellent customer service.

General Plumbing Services

Drain cleaning is one of our general plumbing services. All of our plumbing contractors are certified to provide this type of service for our Asheville customers. Our plumbers can also provide services like:


Toilet repair and installation

Sewer line inspection and replacement

In-line camera inspections

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations

And More…

Consult with us if you need any type of plumbing service at your Asheville home or business. We also offer emergency plumbing services. A backed-up sewer line, for instance, is an emergency. Contact us for immediate assistance.

Q: How much does drain cleaning cost?
A: Routine drain cleaning to reduce the risks of clogs and poor drain performance throughout the house is an effective way to save money. Clogs or blockages of the drains in the home can be more costly, but Autry Plumbing LLC provides our customers with the best pricing in town.
Q: How often should drains be cleaned?
A: Annual drain cleaning services dramatically reduce the risk of clogs and the problem of drains backing up in the house due to blockages. Sewer line cleaning can be done as needed to prevent problems with draining throughout the house.
Q: Can you use baking powder to clean drains?
A: Baking soda and vinegar can be used to reduce the minor buildup of material in drains. It should be followed by a complete rinse with boiling water to dislodge greasy residue. However, if there is standing water in the fixture or the drain, this is not an effective process. In most situations, if there is an actual clog or significant buildup of material on the inside of the pipe this is only a temporary improvement.
Q: What is the best way to clean a clogged drain?
A: Hiring a plumber from Autry Plumbing LLC is the most effective way to identify the source of the clogged drain and provide a full drain cleaning service. Over-the-counter types of solutions do not effectively clean most household drain clogs.
Q: How quickly should I expect drain cleaning service for a clog?
A: Autry Plumbing LLC offers emergency plumbing services to respond to issues with your plumbing system, gas line problem, or burst pipe issue on an as-needed basis. We will assess the situation on the phone call and send a plumber immediately if needed.