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Autry Plumbing is a local plumbing company that serves residential and commercial customers in and around Asheville, Weaverville, and Leicester, NC. We are licensed and insured and feature a talented team of plumbing professionals who are certified and bonded. We offer a complete line-up of general plumbing services complemented by some specialty services like renovations and sewer line inspection and clearing. Whether you have a clogged sink drain or hot water heater trouble, our plumbers can handle the situation. We pride ourselves on our affordable prices and free estimates. Talk to us about the services you need so we can provide you with an upfront cost estimate.

Get to Know Autry Plumbing

Autry Plumbing LLC is a family-owned business led by master plumber Albert Autry and his wife Marlene Autry who handles the administrative side of the business. We feature a business model that’s based on integrity, honesty, and affordable pricing. Albert has been serving the region for more than three decades. He’s built a team of plumbers who share his vision for providing outstanding service to Asheville homes and businesses. When a plumbing contractor from Autry Plumbing visits your setting, you can expect a thorough inspection and outstanding workmanship. We know how important your plumbing system is to your home or business so we’ll maintain it to the best of our ability.

Affordable Prices and Free Estimates

Autry Plumbing prides itself on its ‘best prices in town.’ You’ll be hard-pressed to find another Asheville plumbing contractor that offers the same affordable pricing as Autry Plumbing. We believe in providing our customers with fair prices. As a local business, it would be unthinkable to price gouge our neighbors. In addition, our plumbers will never attempt to upsell you or recommend a repair or upgrade that isn’t truly warranted. Honesty is the only policy at Autry Plumbing. Plus, we offer free estimates. There’s no obligation. If you have a plumbing problem, we’ll let you know the cost to make the repair or replacement upfront—no strings attached. If you choose to let us provide you with our maintenance and repair service, you can expect the excellent workmanship we’re known for.

Our Plumbing Professionals

Autry Plumbing boasts a team of talented and credentialed plumbing professionals. Each one is experienced and has the expertise needed to deliver all of our services. Autry Plumbing stands by the quality of their workmanship with our service guarantees. We screen our all employees to make sure they meet our high standards for customer care. Our plumbers also strive to keep up to date with the best industry practices and innovative solutions designed to support residential and commercial plumbing systems. Our contractors will arrive to your home in uniform and will bring everything needed to provide the services you need. If you are searching for a professional plumber in or around Asheville, NC, you can rely on Autry Plumbing.

We Handle Plumbing Emergencies

We know that plumbing emergencies can happen at any time and without warning. Don’t panic! Call Autry Plumbing and tell us about the emergency you’re experiencing. Some common types of plumbing emergencies that are Asheville customers contend with include:

  • Sewer system backups
  • Burst pipes
  • No hot water
  • Leaking water heater
  • Broken water pipes
  • Major leaks
  • Clogged Toilet
  • Leaking Toilet

If you experience an emergency plumbing situation, be sure to contact Autry Plumbing and let us handle it.

Plumbing Is a Messy Job, But We Clean Up!

Plumbing emergencies can cause big messes! Our plumbers will do everything they can to minimize the mess. We bring along shoe covers and drop cloths to help keep your surfaces protected as we get down to work.

Plumbing Consultants

If you’re planning to renovate your home or business or are designing a new construction, be sure to consult with our plumbing contractors about your plans. We can manage the plumbing side of your project. As an essential feature of your residential or commercial property, the plumbing system has to be installed properly to avoid a potential catastrophe. Master plumber Albert Autry and his skilled plumbers are experienced when it comes to new constructions and renovations. Whether you’re moving your laundry room from the basement to the second story of your home or you’re renovating your apartment building, you can rely on our consulting services.

Thorough Inspections

Are you interested in buying or selling some real estate? Before you do, get an accurate picture of your plumbing system’s condition. Our plumbers can provide you with a thorough plumbing system inspection. We’ll search for leaks or other potential problems. Unlike most plumbers in Asheville, Autry Plumbing can also inspect and clean your sewer line. This aspect of a plumbing system isn’t typically covered by a general home inspection. However, we assess the sewer line to make sure it’s in optimum condition. A sewer line collapse can be an expensive—and messy—situation. You may want to alter the terms of your real estate deal if there is a problem with the property’s sewer line.

Tools of the Trade

Autry Plumbing invests substantially in our equipment and tools. These items allow us to provide efficient services to our clients. From powerful water jets to state-of-the-art in-line cameras, our equipment is expertly maintained and at the ready. All of our plumbers are trained to operate our equipment with reliable expertise.

Why Should You Choose Autry Plumbing?

There are many benefits to choosing Autry Plumbing to provide you with any type of plumbing service. Here are just a few:

  • We are a local business! Support your local plumbing professionals
  • Our team is bonded and professionally certified
  • We offer the best pricing in the Asheville region
  • Our plumbers are experienced
  • We guarantee our workmanship
  • Our customer service is unsurpassed

Experience and outstanding workmanship are hallmarks of our family-operated business. You can trust us to get the job right the first time.


Be sure to read some of our customer testimonials. We’ve served the Asheville region for years. We’ve built a reputation for superior workmanship. Our long list of loyal customers reflects are commitment to them. Autry Plumbing has also been recognized by Angie’s List with a Super Service Award.

If you need an experienced plumber in Asheville, NC, be sure to contact Autry Plumbing and schedule your service call. Marlene is usually on hand to take your call or one of our expert staffers will be there to help you. Tell us about your plumbing problem and we’ll be there to take care of it. We value your business. When you choose Autry Plumbing, we’ll never take your trust in us for granted.

Discover Our Plumbing Services

Autry Plumbing features a full spectrum of plumbing services for our Asheville customers. We feature general plumbing services as well as some specialties. We handle renovations as easily as under-sink leaks. When you have a plumbing problem for your home or business, we can manage it with our affordable solutions. Some of our main services include:

Sinks and Faucets Asheville NC

Sinks and Faucets

Toilets Asheville NC


Garbage Disposals Asheville NC

Garbage Disposals

Sump Pumps Asheville NC

Sump Pumps

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations Asheville NC

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations

Camera Inspection Asheville NC

Camera Inspection

Backflow Prevention Asheville NC

Backflow Prevention

Water Heaters Asheville NC

Water Heaters

Main Sewer Line Clean-outs Asheville NC

Main Sewer Line Clean-outs

Water Filtration Asheville NC

Water Filtration

Water Line Service Asheville NC

Water Line Service

And More…

Remember, we serve the cities of Asheville, Weaverville, Leicester, and surrounding communities.

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