Finding ideas for a small bathroom can be difficult enough on its own, but when you add in a budget, it can feel nearly impossible. Our experts at Autry Plumbing have spent months scouring the internet for remodel bathroom ideas on a budget.

If your bathroom isn’t very spacious, you’ll find that there are many constraints to the ideas you would enjoy, but when you add a budget to the equation, it’s easy to see why so many people struggle.

We feel that there are a plethora of fantastic, low-cost renovations for small bathrooms; you just need to know where to look. Because this might be time-consuming, we decided to use our bathroom experience to compile a top ten list of small bathroom ideas on a budget to assist you in getting some inspiration for your dream bathroom.

Because redecorating a home can be pricey, many of us put it off as long as possible. As a result, the bathroom can sometimes feel like the most neglected room in the house, and when you do decide to seek bathroom ideas, you’re probably on a budget. Hopefully, these ten low-cost suggestions may assist you in your search.

1. Mix & Match Bathroom Fixtures

You may believe that having a small bathroom is a curse, but when it comes to budget bathrooms, a smaller bathroom often requires less money to install. Combination bathroom furniture, such as combination vanities, is one of the greatest small bathroom ideas on a budget.
When you buy a toilet, vanity unit, and basin together, it’s like getting a ‘2 for the price of 1’ offer, which means you save money. Another advantage of having a combination toilet and vanity is that it saves room, making it a great option to explore.

These inexpensive combo vanity units are a terrific location to start your search for ideas if you’re on a tight budget.

2. Make Corner Spaces Work for You

The corners of most rooms in the house are wasted, regardless of the room, we’re talking about. When you have a lot of space, wastage isn’t a big deal, but when you’re working with a little place like a bathroom, it may make a big impact.

There is a large selection of bathroom fixtures that are designed to take advantage of nooks and crannies. Consider installing an offset quadrant shower enclosure in the corner of your small bathroom as a terrific option. Due to the fact that these offset enclosures are slightly larger than quadrant shower enclosures, they provide a very sumptuous experience. If you like a bath, a corner bath would be a better option. You can’t give up one for the other? A corner shower bath is the greatest option in this instance!

Corner toilets are another fantastic way to make the most of a small bathroom’s corner area. If you need to move the original toilet a long distance, it’s worth checking at the expenses first because it could affect your budget; but, if having a toilet in the corner is possible without incurring a significant fee, it’s definitely worth considering.

3. Make More Room on the Floor

In a small bathroom, it’s critical to keep the floor space free of clutter. Wall-mounted furniture and fixtures are not only fashionable, but they also make use of your walls rather than your floor, giving the impression of more space and making cleaning easier because you won’t have to fight your sweeper and mop for elbow room.
Although a wall-hung vanity unit is one of the most common solutions for small bathrooms, there is a large list of wall-hung fixtures. Cheap wall-hung bathroom furniture and fixtures, such as wall-hung toilets and basins, are available at low prices.

Some companies specialize in attractive, modern bathroom supplies that are made to look beautiful while also providing more space in a small bathroom. If you want something modern and high-quality but with a bit more breathing room.

4. Use Tiles to Decorate the Walls

Having a lot of reflective surfaces in a bathroom will boost the illusion of space. Ceramic tiles, particularly those with a gloss finish, are great for adding style and reflectivity in this way. If you’re seeking more tiling ideas, check out our previous blog on ’tile ideas for small bathrooms.’
Use a dark color on the floor and a light color on the walls to create the illusion of a larger space, in a small bathroom with tiles. The dark tiled floor serves as a focal point for the eye, while the light tile colors around it make the room appear larger. It’s purely an optical illusion, yet it works!

It can be difficult to tile a small bathroom on a budget, but with these inexpensive bathroom tiles, it is feasible.

If the purchase of tiles is out of your price range, but you already have tiles on your wall, consider painting them. By utilizing tile paint in light, solid colors, you may give your bathroom a completely new look without spending a lot of money.

5. Check to See if Your Bathroom is Well-Lit

Adding lighting is one of the cheapest little bathroom ideas. Your bathroom will appear larger if it is brighter. Furthermore, there are numerous inexpensive solutions to improve the amount of light in your bathroom.
For any budget, you may buy some pretty elegant bathroom lighting. Small, simple lighting with a chrome finish (remember those reflected surfaces we mentioned before) will have a significant impact on a small bathroom. Look for energy-efficient LED lighting to help you save money on your electricity bills!

Adding a bathroom mirror with lights or two will improve the room’s light and reflectivity, making it feel brighter and more spacious. Here you will find a large selection of bathroom ceiling lights and bathroom wall lighting.