The average cost of a mid-range bathroom remodeling now ranges from $16,000 to $20,000, and the average homeowner who remodels a bathroom can expect to recoup 62 percent of their expenses after selling their home.

When considering a bathroom renovation, it is important to think about how much you should spend. Answering this question ahead of time will help you when choosing things like lighting, flooring, and countertops. Find out what your non-negotiable must-haves are, before you get started.

Remember that the bathroom is the smallest room in your home, but is most likely the most used. Bathroom renovations are a great idea, if you plan to stay in your home  for a while, and improve it while you live there, then sell it at a later date to get a better selling price.

Design, logistics, budget and the choice of contractor are all important considerations. Once you have created your bathroom redesign checklist, you can start moving forward.

Often people have difficulty imagining what their dream bathroom would look like, if it were different. Some have visions of the entire bathroom, others only know what features they want to add, and what they don’t like about their current set up.

Experience has shown that it can be a long process. The contractor needs to install your countertops before adding some of the other features, and you may need to make some quick decisions, so be prepared.

This is important to stop at the current construction site. Two or three contractors will come to look at the project and make you an offer. You don’t just have to choose the contractor you think will offer you the best deal. The contractor will tell you what day you will be there and ask what they need from you. [Sources: 8]

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Here is a handy list of important questions you need to ask before hiring a company to help you with your project. One thing to consider is that the longer the company has been in business, the more likely it is that they know what they’re doing. You can check to see if they have long time competent employees, established procedures and an online presence. A quick search provides a lot of information about the history of the company.

Before inviting a crew to remodel your bathroom, do your homework. It is important to ask potential contractors for pictures of bathroom renovations that have already been completed. Get unbiased feedback and read reviews from people who have worked with the contractors you are considering. Gather references from friends and advice from homeowners who have already renovated bathrooms.

The contractor with whom you decide use on your bathroom renovation, will be in your house for a period of time. It is worth finding out what previous clients of theirs had to say about their work. At Autry Plumbing we specialize in plumbing and high quality craftsmanship. We’ve been rated the top plumbing company in WNC!

It is important to check to see whether the items or equipment used for a project come with a guarantee, so as about the warranty. A guarantees is important because it creates confidence that the company will be there to address any problems with goods or services.

In addition to improving the comfort and aesthetics of your bathroom, remodeling is an important investment in your home. If you want a fabulous renovation that increases the value of your home that is done promptly, it is important to investigate the company that you are considering. If you hire the wrong company, your project could go from a magical transformation, to a major headache.