One of a home’s most essential systems is the plumbing system. The funny thing is that since your plumbing system is largely out of sight and out of mind, you might not be aware of how important it is until there’s a problem. If you require professional drain cleaning in Asheville, NC, we are the team for you. We know how to clean drains, and we can make the process simple for you.

Today we are going to run through everything you need to know about drain cleaning. Cleaning your drains regularly will keep your house functional and odor-free. Let’s get into the crucial information you need to be aware of.

Professional Drain Cleaning or DIY

Here are some critical details regarding drain cleaning and your home.

  • Avoid Using Chemical Drain Cleaners

A chemical drain cleaner is never going to be the long-term solution to any plumbing-related issue. We know the temptation. You notice that your drains are running a little slow and that they smell unpleasant, but you are unsure whether the situation warrants picking up that chemical drain cleaner off the shelf and proceeding to the checkout. It looks like it may be a good decision. You read on the label that it can quickly clear a clog and let you get on with your day, but it may not be the best choice for your plumbing system.

Chemical drain cleaners are able to temporarily fix the problem, but in the long run, they might cause worse problems that cost more to fix. Grease and filth may simply migrate around in the pipe, despite the fact that chemical drain cleaners are intended to dissolve the clog. They may also eat away at the drain pipe lining, necessitating a complete replacement of the pipes, which can be very expensive.

Professional Hydro Jetting to Get Drains Clean

Hydro-jetting is the process of cleaning the gunk from your home’s pipes with highly pressurized water. The fact is that hydro-jetting is extremely effective. Although the technology is excellent, you must ensure that our experts are skilled in its use. We guarantee our work.

  • Video Pipe Inspections

We advise a video pipe inspection if you want to ensure that the professional drain cleaning you receive is extremely effective and as quick and precise as possible. The benefit of video pipe inspections is that they provide our experts with a direct view of your pipes so they can observe what’s going on. You will have the plumbing issues you’re experiencing resolved more quickly.

There Are Things to Watch Out For

These could be indicators that you need professional drain cleaning:

  • sluggish drains
  • gurgling sounds
  • unusual smells that you can’t place the source of
  • numerous plugged drains in your house
  • unmoving water
  • expensive water bills
  • drains that are often clogging

CONTACT Autry Plumbing if you think there may be an issue. You can get assistance from our experts.

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