You had visitors, and the worst that might have happened did. “Hey, I think your toilet is clogged,” they say as they approach you. “Please accept my heartfelt apologies.” Was there a mistake on their part? It’s possible; however, toilet clogs are, more frequently than not, are the issue. Nobody enjoys dealing with a clogged toilet. The filthy water splashing, the bad odors pervading the bathroom, and the frustration that comes with it are not enjoyable. But no worries, we’re going to show you how to prevent toilet blockages in your home in this article. You’ll only have clear toilet pipes from now on if you follow a few basic guidelines. Let’s get started talking about what you can do right now.

How Can I Avoid Toilet Clogs?

Toilet clogs are a nightmare for all of us, so why don’t we do more to prevent them? Well, it’s not like we do it on purpose; instead, clogs form in your toilet due to a lack of information.
The usage of “flushable” wipes is one of the most common causes of toilet clogs. Because the majority of these wipes aren’t genuinely flushable, we put flushable in quotes. You could potentially get away with it if your house is connected to the main sewage, but we still advise against using these dense wipes. If you have a septic tank, these wipes should be avoided at all costs. They do not degrade like toilet paper and can accumulate over time, causing clogs. Then your toilet will become clogged one day. It’s advisable to avoid flushing anything that isn’t toilet paper down the toilet. Even toilet paper can be problematic. Because super-thick toilet paper might clog pipes, it’s better to stick to 2-ply.

Hair is the second most prevalent cause of clogs. We frequently come across huge clogs made completely of hair. We understand. Hair is in the shower, and you quickly toss it in the toilet or clean the hairbrush. This may appear to be a harmless matter, but it is not. Hair, like wipes, does not degrade properly and collects debris, making a clog worse than it would have been otherwise. It resembles a large net.
Flush two times! When using the restroom, flushing the toilet twice is a sure-fire strategy to avoid obstructions. Because toilet paper does not break down instantly, flushing twice is always a good idea.

Contact the Experts

Make a call to your plumber! An annual check of your sewage and drain pipes is one of the greatest strategies to avoid a toilet clog. We employ a sewer camera at Autry Plumbing that provides real-time film so we can observe what’s obstructing your toilet and what we need to do to clear it. Because we’re drain cleaning experts, we have a vast range of gear at our disposal to handle any problem, big or small. Hydro jetting is one of the most effective methods for removing trash, tree roots, and obstructions in general.

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