Plumbing is a crucial element for every modern home, so until the plumbing system is functioning well, you may NOT have all the comfort you want. So before you begin a remodel project we recommend that you create a plumbing remodeling plan, because it is essential to getting everything to come together perfectly.

No more surprises when your professional plumber maps out a job in meticulous detail. It’s easy for a licensed professional plumber from Autry Plumbing to produce plan views and structural drawings for you. These precise drawings will save you time and money in the long run.

You will also have the capacity to get professional in-depth analysis throughout the project, enabling you to identify any potential issues ahead of time, that you might have missed. It will most likely save you time in repeated trips of going back and forth to the plumbing supply store. Also, the quality plan will help you to have a productive session, when meeting with the building department.

The Plumbing Plan

Creating a new drawing plan depends on the old plumbing system.

To start:
• Denote each component of your layout with color codes and universally recognized symbols.
• Make copies of any existing architectural drawings and several more for the plumbing area’s accurate scale drawing.
• Use a gridded straightedge to draw parallel lines. You will need color pencils, a 30-60-90 degree triangle, and an eraser.
• Use a grid paper to create a scale of 1/2 inch equivalent to 1 foot, for the best outcome. When you draw it to scale, it’ll be simple to identify any issues with the layout. It will also be effortless to estimate materials.
• Start a plan drawing all fixtures to scale size.
• Create the fixtures, drain lines, and include the supply lines.
• Show vertical pipe runs, by creating riser drawings.
• Label every fitting according to sizes and types for approval by the inspector.
• Mark out valve locations, such as stop at fixtures and give accurate details for the valve type.
• Design materials shopping list.

Key Coding

You will need to code the plan and indicate drainpipes with firm lines, supply lines, and dotted lines. Clearly show the vertical runs with notes on the overhead view. Use the color pencils to mark hot and cold supply lines, vents, and color-code drains. Avoid mistaking the leader for a pipe, by pointing to the pipes’ sizes with a curved leader line. You will try several times before you get it right.

DWV Elevation

It is an essential part of your entire plumbing plan. It is the upward path of the re-vents, the stack, and the vents. It shows the venting of the fixtures, and it is not necessarily created over an architectural drawing.

Supply Drawings

It shows the length estimate of the supply pipes. A supply drawing helps to establish the minimum size of the pipes.e

If you’d like Autry Plumbing draw up a professional plumbing plan for your project, CONTACT us today!