Call it a desire for visual candy, but modern appliances—fridges, stoves, and stainless-steel dishwashers—have a significant impact on potential homebuyers, according to real estate agent Al Cannistra.

Kitchen Renovations

High-end appliances are frequently the most expensive kitchen renovations, with an equally high return on investment. Cannistra recounts a house with out-of-date appliances that languished on the market for months without being sold. He says that when the owners changed everything, they received two bids in the first week.

But don’t feel obligated to replace all of your appliances at once. Simply replace what you can, when you can, so that when your house is on the market, the overall buyer impression is “Hey, great kitchen!” rather than “The ’70s really were a wild time, eh?”

One caveat, according to Justin Riordan, CEO of Spade and Archer Design Agency: “Keep the appliances and pipes where they are.” When installing appliances in the home, many plumbers will install them within three feet of the original gas or water line. However, the price can quickly escalate if they are moved further away than that. According to, the average cost of moving a sink ranges from $440 to $2,600, while moving a dishwasher costs between $900 and $3,800.

Cabinets Refurbished

According to, cabinets are the most expensive item on a kitchen upgrade checklist behind appliances, averaging $6,670. So hold off on tossing out the old ones.

“Rather than completely refacing existing wood cabinets that are still in good shape, when you can just paint them,” says Tracy Kay Griffin, designer for HGTV’s “Get It Sold.” Cabinet Transformation Kit from Rust-Oleum is simple to use.

Replacing cabinet hardware is another simple renovation project with a big impact. “To avoid showing fingerprints, use a smooth or brushed finish,” recommends Erin Davis, head designer and co-owner of Mosaik Design & Remodeling in Portland, OR.

Kitchen Sink

Because the sink is the most used item in your kitchen, a new one will stand out, even if it’s on an old countertop. As a result, consider putting in one with two troughs. Try the Popular Mechanics #1 value sink, which is composed of stainless steel and costs less than $130.

Griffin recommends getting a gorgeous new faucet as a truly cost-effective kitchen renovation solution. “It’s simple and cheap, but it can make a big difference,” she explains.
Stations for charging

There are seldom enough power outlets in a kitchen due to the home invasion of cellphones, tablets, and other continually charged electronics. This could explain why “dedicated places for gadget charging” is a top trend in the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s 2021 trend report. Isn’t it true that we all require a location where we can conveniently plug in all of our electronic devices?

Consider putting hidden power strips and other tech-friendly amenities in a drawer or cabinet for a simple DIY project.

New Countertops

Although a new countertop is costly, real estate experts agree that the influence of this kitchen makeover on future home buyers is significant. Also, don’t assume that granite is the only option; according to the NKBA, light-colored quartz countertops are more popular these days.

Remember, notes Davis, that upgrading a countertop gives you the option to add a new glass or subway backsplash for a burst of color. “A 4-inch-high splash made of the same countertop material is a cost-effective choice.”

Wood Floors

Nothing beats good ol’ wood when it comes to kitchen floors. According to the NKBA research, wood is the most popular kitchen flooring material. It’s also a very inexpensive alternative when compared to the fancier and more difficult-to-install tile options, costing between $3 and $7 per square foot in materials and $6 to $12 per square foot in labor to install.

The cause is as follows: Smaller kitchen renovations, such as replacing cabinet doors and upgrading appliances, offer a nearly 14.8 percent better return on investment than a big kitchen makeover, according to Remodeling Magazine’s Cost Vs. Value Report. That’s not to say you shouldn’t open up your kitchen if you really want to; just don’t expect it to pay off big time in the future.

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