Your tap water has most likely discolored your faucets, which is why they appear hazy. Minerals will gather, especially if you have hard water. The calcium buildup that causes the grimy, scaly deposits is harmless, but you may be asking how to remove the calcium build up on your faucet. This article is intended to walk you through it, so read this helpful post for removing calcium buildup.

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Chemical Calcium Buildup Removal; 4 Methods

  • Utilizing an all-purpose cleaner and a moist towel, to clean the faucet. In a pinch, dish detergent will also do. Make sure to concentrate on cleaning in particular the areas behind and under the fixture as well as any other areas where water tends to collect. When finished, rinse the sink and dry.
  • Apply a lemon slice on the calcium buildup to remove it. Citric acid will aid in dissolving the calcium minerals that are adhering to brass, copper, or chrome. Wash the sink well, then dry the faucet.
  • Use vinegar to cover a bag or piece of cloth and wrap it around your faucet. After leaving it there for many hours, wipe down the surface. A paste made of vinegar and baking soda can also be used to remove calcium deposits.
  • Remove aerator: The little filter with a screen on the edge of your faucet is the aerator. Remove this part, scrape the inside with a toothbrush or another small brush to remove calcium buildup, then soak it in vinegar for an hour, dry it, and screw it back on.

To avoid hard water scale, think about installing a water filtration system:
If you’re sick of having to remove the unpleasant mineral buildup from your faucets and appliances, think about installing a water filtering system in your house.

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