How To Install A Dishwasher


The kids keep leaving their dishes in the sink. It’s getting late, and everyone’s in bed. You walk up to the sink and see a tower of dirty plates, cups, and silverware, ugh! Who wants to wash a bunch of dishes at the end of a long day? Can’t you get a break? According to the US Energy Information Administration, around 50% of households don’t have a dishwasher. They’re missing out! So, you’ve finally committed to a dishwasher. That’s great!

In many cases, people are simply in need of a new dishwasher. Yours may be leaky, old, and inefficient. Whatever the case may be, the best thing you can do is replace it as soon as possible. So, today, we’re going to show you how to install a dishwasher. It’s pretty simple, and with a little know-how, you will be on your way to some sparkly dishes in no time! 


How To Install A Dishwasher

Before you install the new dishwasher, you need to make sure you have all your tools, parts, and a new dishwasher ready to go. 


Remove The Old Dishwasher

Before you can even think about putting in a new dishwasher, first, you need to remove the old one. Turn off the power to eliminate any risk of electrocution. It’s best to cut the power off at the breaker. Once the power is off, turn off the water supply that’s located under the kitchen sink. Then, remove the access panel on the dishwasher in order to disconnect water connections. 

Now that the power is disconnected, remove the water supply line from the old dishwasher with an adjustable wrench. Put a small bowl under the joint to catch any water that drips out. Disconnect the drain hose and make sure not to spill too much water. Finally, remove the brackets that attach the dishwasher to the countertop. Remove the dishwasher and bring the new one into the kitchen. 


Set Up The New Dishwasher 

For optimal workspace, it’s best to put the dishwasher on its back. Attach the 90-degree joint from the installation kit at the connection on the dishwasher valve. Install the new water supply line after removing the old one from the shutoff valve. Do the same thing for the new drain line, and throw the old one away. Make sure all connections are secure. If there’s any slack in the drain hose, fasten it to the wall. You’ll want to ensure the hose is higher than the inlet to help with drainage. 


Reconnect Water & Electric

Once you have everything ready to go, push the dishwasher back on its feet and push it back into place. Connect the water line to the 90-degree fitting you set up, attach the drain hose, and connect the electrical wires to the unit. Make sure to follow all of these steps according to the manufacturer’s instructions. To test for leaks, cut on the water supply, and use a flashlight to water all connections. 

Finally, attach the brackets to the countertop and confirm the unit is level by adjusting the feet with locknuts. 


Call The Pros

So, you know how to install a dishwasher now. Do you still want the professionals to handle it? We get it. Life can get busy, and honestly, many plumbing projects should be left to the pros. Give us a call today, and you can have peace of mind when it comes to dishwasher installation.