How To Find A Good Plumber: 3 Tips

Finding reliable, responsive, and fair-priced contractors is hard to come by now. Out there in the home repair and renovation world, it can feel like every person for themself. Without knowing how to find a good plumber, it can feel helpless. 

With so many options for plumbers, how do you know who to go with? We understand the struggle and are here for you!

So, you’re at the end of your rope. There’s no more time for a DIY fix. We’re here to help you find a good plumber. No overpriced, unresponsive, or prideful recommendations here. 

Here are three tips on finding a good plumber for your home. 

1.) Is The Plumber Licensed? 

This should be your number one question. Above all else, are they licensed? If they’re not, you could end up investing in work that leads to further damage. You don’t want to pay another plumber more money to undo the work you got done.

When you talk to different plumbers, ask for their license number. If they’re licensed, this should be a quick answer, especially if they’re not new. Once you get that license number, look it up to verify it’s theirs and see how long they’ve been practicing. 

2.) Is The Rated Hourly Or Fixed?

Another important question to consider is whether the price is hourly or fixed. If it’s hourly, that can get away from you very fast. Fixed prices are better because you can know what to expect, and they can’t drag out the project for more money. 

It’s fine if they charge hourly, but ask an experienced plumber how long a certain project could take. This way, you have a ballpark estimate in your head. For the most part, though, a plumber will give you a by-the-job estimate. 

3.) Who Will Actually Be Doing The Work? 

This is a great question to ask. You may have a licensed plumber come out to do an estimate and talk about the job with you. Despite this, the people working on it may be less experienced or unlicensed. This is legal because these subcontractors or helpers are working under that license. 

You want quality work for your home, so don’t skimp on this part. There’s nothing worse than having to have work undone or repaired. 

4.) Are They Insured? 

This one should be obvious, but many people forget to ask this important question. Also, if someone says “yes,” that doesn’t mean they’re telling the truth. You can and should ask for a policy number and verify this before moving forward. 

Think about it. Let’s say they’re working under your house and a pipe breaks. Do they have insurance? If not, they may try and swindle you with excuses. You could end up getting taken advantage of in a case like this. Don’t be that person. Ask, verify, and confirm. 

What Else? 

Look. You can’t think of or ask every question in the book. While there are plenty of other questions to ask your next potential plumber, these are the main ones. Find a transparent company with upfront pricing, licensing, insurance, and honesty. 

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