Do you think your water heater may need repair? Does your shower run out of hot water too quickly? Autry Plumbing is here to help! We provide a full spectrum of water heater repairs to clients in the Asheville, North Carolina, area, including affordable water heater repairs.

How Can a Water Heater Problem Be Diagnosed?

Your water heater is susceptible to a wide range of problems. When anything malfunctions or ceases functioning properly, you may experience a number of different problems, including the lack of hot water.

Typical Water Heater Issues

  • inconsistent heating/temperature
  • thermostat issues
  • defective heating components
  • an accumulation of sediment in the tank
  • burning out a heating element
  • loss of the pilot light
  • a temperature and pressure relief valve, for example, has loose connections.
  • broken or rusted anode rod

Are you ready to contact a professional plumber for repairs?

It may be necessary to schedule an Autry Plumbing water heater appointment to look for any potential problems if your water heater makes any weird noises or if you observe rust-colored water pouring from your faucets. Rusty water and strange noises, however, aren’t the only signs of a problem. In order to arrange a repair, be sure to get in touch with our knowledgeable plumbing staff as soon as you observe any of the following.

Symptoms of Water Heater Issues

  • you have insufficient hot water.
  • there are damage indicators.
  • in your house, there isn’t any hot water at all.
  • there are signs that a water leak is present.
  • the pressure in your water has dropped.
  • your water heater’s drain line isn’t draining properly.
  • your water has a peculiar flavor or odor.

A smart idea is to periodically inspect your water heater to identify any minor concerns before they become more serious ones.

How Much Do Repairs To A Water Heater Cost?

In general, the cost of your water heater repairs will depend on their complexity. We’ll consider a wide range of variables when you arrange your water heater repair with our Autry Plumbing staff.

Prior to completing your water heater repair, our team considers the following:

  • your water heater’s age
  • your water heater’s kind
  • the type of repairs that are required
  • whether you will need to replace your water heater or if it is even repairable.

Solutions for Efficient Water Heaters, including Tankless

We can suggest brand-new, highly effective water heaters that will significantly increase the plumbing efficiency of your entire home. We can even assist you with researching solutions such as tankless water heaters and environmentally friendly systems. You can trust Autry Plumbing to handle any water heater repair needs in Asheville, NC.

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