Home plumbing issues are one thing; external water issues are something else. Today we will be going over a few plumbing tips to help you out, when a water main breaks in your neighborhood. Here is what you should do if a water main breaks, how it breaks, and what you should do after being repaired.

Water Main Break- Explained

Water mains transport water from local sources to your home’s water pipe via an underground pipe. A water main leak occurs when a hole or fracture in the pipe releases water to the surface. Water mains usually run under the streets and sidewalks. Because water mains continuously deliver water, the leak will continue to flow until repaired.

Causes of Water Main Breaks

A water main break is caused by the ground temperature and the water temperature. When the ground temperature suddenly changes (becomes colder or hotter), it contracts or expands (respectively). When the pressure on the pipes changes due to a sudden change in temperature, cracks or holes will develop at weak points in the pipe, and water will then leak out of these cracks.

How To Fix Water Main Breaks

Once a leak is detected, the road or sidewalk is immediately sealed off to prevent further damage. The pipe is then dug up, and the water redirected to minimize service disruptions. The water main is then fixed, and the road or sidewalk is put back together. The repair process takes about 6-8 hours, from the beginning to the end.

What To Do When a Water Main Breaks

Firstly, contact your local water department if a water main breaks. Make sure to restrict your water consumption until the problem is fixed.

Boil Water Orders

Dirt and debris from the surrounding area may enter the water. Contaminants may be present, causing the water department to issue boil water notices. If you are subject to a water boil notice, bring the water to a boil for at least one minute before consuming, brushing your teeth, or cooking. If you are under a boil water notice, you may use the water for showering, cleaning, and doing laundry—provided it is not ingested.

Damage to Property

Look for water damage to your home or basement after the water main break.

After the problem has been solved, you must take specific steps to ensure that no contaminated or polluted water remains in your plumbing system.

Flush your pipes. Before you shower, turn on all the cold water taps and let them run until the water runs clear.
Hot water tank. Turn on all the hot water faucets in your water tank and run until the water is cold. Wait one hour and then repeat the procedure.
Refrigerator in-door water dispenser. Run the dishwasher and replace the filter after it has finished.
Washing Machine and Dishwasher. Run each through two rinse-only cycles and then use detergent through a third cycle.
Water filtration system. Make sure to replace the filter on your household’s water filtration system if you have one.

Has your neighborhood experienced a water pipe burst? Are you concerned about your plumbing and pipes? Contact us today! Autry plumbing is here to answer all your queries.

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