Garbage Disposal Care


The garbage disposal is the hardest working part of your kitchen. It processes pounds of food debris every month, so it makes sense that you should maintain it. In today’s post, we’re going to tell you about garbage disposal care. We’ve got a list of 4 things you should never put down a garbage disposal. 

Don’t Put These Things Down The Disposal 

Some of these may be obvious. Others may not be obvious, so we’re going to fill you in on it all. You invested in a garbage disposal to make doing dishes easier. Read on to learn more about garbage disposal care and protect your investment.

Greases, Oils, & Fats

We’re sure you’ve all heard not to put grease down your drains, but do you know why? Many people think it’s fine to flush oil down the drain as long as you use piping hot water to keep it flowing. This isn’t true. 

Never pour greases or oils down your plumbing. It’s not a good idea. We understand that sometimes you can’t get all the grease out of the pan—that’s understandable. What should you do, then? Well, when it comes to that residual pan oil, clean the pan out with cold water. Cold water is essential when you’re pouring any amount of fat down the drain. If you use hot water, it allows the fat to flow throughout the pipes and catch any small debris. The key is cold water to keep it all solid. When the grease is cold, it will make it to your sewer or septic tank without trouble. 

The critical point here: always run your garbage disposal with cold water. Any time you run the disposal, flush it and then drain it out for at least 30 seconds afterward. 


Peels & Starches

Mashed potatoes and hashbrowns are great to eat. For your garbage disposal, though, that’s not the case. It’s best practice to keep any kind of peels or starches away from your disposal. This includes bananas, potatoes, and peels. 

When ground up, the peels create a thick and stringy paste. The glue acts as a debris magnet that begs for a clog. 


Onions & Eggs

These bulbed vegetables spell trouble for any disposal. When you put onion peels or layers down a garbage disposal, the thin membranes wrap around blades. This adds stress to the motor and can lead to damage down the road. 

A common myth about eggshells and disposals is that the shells sharpen disposal blades. Like onions, eggshells have a membrane that tends to wrap itself around the base of garbage disposal blades. This can seize up the motor. If the motor on your disposal burns up, you’re better off replacing the whole thing. 


Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds should be acceptable for a disposal, right? They’re fine for the garbage disposal but not your plumbing. Tons of people like to throw these in their disposal to help with smells, but they cause more harm than good. Over time, the grounds build up in the pipes to form a thick sludge. This acts as a dam that catches anything and everything that comes down the drain.


Need A New Disposal? 

Garbage disposal care is the best way to protect your investment. Now that you know what to do, you don’t have to wonder what you shouldn’t put down there. Do you think you need a new garbage disposal? At Autry Plumbing in Asheville, NC, we’re plumbing experts. If you’ve needed a new garbage disposal and want reliable, reasonable plumbers, give us a call today