More than ever before, people are turning to home cooking as a way to not just save money, but to also create the customized, healthy meals they crave. While it often seems faster and easier to simply dump all manner of food scraps down the drain instead of placing them in the trash receptacle, the fact is that there are some items that must never be handled in this way, even if a garbage disposal is installed. Following these plumbing tips and keeping these foods from making their way down your garbage disposal and into your pipes, is a great way to avoid inconvenient and costly repairs.


1. Fat and Oil

The most significant cause of all kitchen clogs are those that result from grease, fat, and oil being sent down the drain. Though these substances may initially pour easily down the sink, as they begin to cool, they will produce stubborn plumbing blockages that are difficult to eliminate.


2. Oatmeal and Grains

Though clogs might not directly result when oatmeal is sent down the drain, it tends to attach itself to other substances that are found within the pipes, leading to frustrating clogs. Further, oatmeal and similar grain pastes do not respond well to commercial drain cleaning products, making a call to a professional with Autry Plumbing all but inevitable.


3. Rice, Grain, and Pasta

Always remember that starchy items such as rice and pasta products tend to experience expansion when wet, something which causes pieces to attach together in clumps. Though a couple of small pieces are not cause for concern, larger portions are prone to getting stuck in the disposal trap mechanism, leading to a difficult clog.


4. Bones

Bones left over from the preparation of meat dishes comprised of lamb, chicken, beef, and more cannot be accommodated, even by garbage disposal blades. Rather, they lodge themselves in the flywheel and pose a risk of blade breakage. Make sure bones are placed in the garbage can instead.


     5. Stringy Vegetable Scraps

    Vegetables that are especially fibrous in their composition, such as asparagus, celery, and the like, pose a real challenge to garbage disposals and can hinder the operation of the blades themselves. Dispose of these in a waste basket instead for best results.




    6. Eggshell Waste

     It is often said that putting eggshells into a garbage disposal serves to keep the blades sharp, but this is a misconception. The membrane inside the shells actually works to bind up the blades and cause improper functioning. If your blades do need sharpening, try a couple of ice cubes instead.



    7. Used Coffee Grounds

     The remains left behind in a used coffee filter should never be sent down the drain, as they tend to cause buildup within the plumbing system which, over time, can cause a very real clog.

    By heeding the advice described above, it is possible to avoid many of the most common causes of stubborn kitchen clogs. However, if the worst happens, and you suffer from a serious pipe blockage that you cannot handle alone, call the North Carolina drain professionals at Autry Plumbing today.


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