Look no further if you’ve seen signs that a sewer line repair is in your future.
If you’re unsure, there are numerous signs that your sewer needs professional

Some signs you need a sewer line repair are more subtle than others. If you
have a foul smelly puddle in your yard, you could need sewer line repair directly
below that nasty calling card. If there isn’t a puddle in your yard, but the color of
that patch of grass rivals fancy golf course greens, odds are you have a problem
with your sewer line.

Don’t panic. Call Autry Plumbing for a professional assessment of your sewer
line. One of our technicians will walk you through your options after identifying
the cause of the problem.

Schedule Regular Maintenance for Your Sewer Line

The sewer line to your house is an essential system that tends to be an out-of-
sight-out-of-mind component of your home until something goes wrong. You’re
not alone if you haven’t given it a second thought for a few years.

No one wants to have their entire sewer system shut down. Regular maintenance
is key to keeping your sewer line running well. People may flush baby wipes and
sanitary products and pour grease down the drain. All of these will clog your
sewer line.

Tree roots can be the death of your sewer line if you have majestic trees in your
yard. Regular maintenance allows the sewer line to be cleared of debris and tree
roots before they get too big and do too much damage.

Signs You Need to Call a Licensed Contractor for Your Sewer

Are your drains backing up or not draining properly? Call a licensed contractor to
assess your sewer line issue immediately if your drains are making a gurgling
noise. Don’t put it off, hoping it will correct itself. The odds are slim, and fixing this
problem as soon as possible is in the best interest of your sewer line and

Do you see signs that your foundation is cracking? Do you see a pool in your
backyard that doesn’t belong there? If it smells like sewage, it is sewage. Call a
professional before the damage compounds.

What to Expect With a Sewer Line Repair

First, you’ll need to get a professional assessment of the problem with your
sewer line. A service technician will snake a camera through your sewer line and
be able to see precisely where the issue is in the line.

Cable cleaning is a great solution for regular maintenance. The cable has sharp
blades that spin, cutting debris and smaller roots along the sewer line route. Your
sewer line will flow more freely, increasing the water flow from your home.

Hydro jetting utilizes a camera while the technician sees precisely what is being
cut through with the high-powered water. The technician will know precisely
where the problem is if an area is severely blocked or collapsed. Hydro jetting
cuts through the gunk and rinses it down the drain, leaving your sewer clear and

Key Takeaway Points for Sewer Line Maintenance

If it’s time for sewer line repair, call a professional now. At Autry Plumbing, we
are licensed and will send a top-quality, experienced technician to assess your
sewer line needs. Put sewer line maintenance on your calendar on repeat so it
doesn’t slip your mind. Regular maintenance can keep your sewer lines clean
and your pocketbook happy. Call Autry Plumbing now. You’ll be glad you did.