A sewer line break in Asheville must be addressed immediately. You’ll be unable to use water in your home until the line is repaired, as it will result in plumbing backups. A professional plumber with the proper tools can locate and repair a sewer line break without digging up your yard on the same day. Learn more about why sewer line breaks occur and how a plumber can address the issue in our post.

Here are six causes of a sewer line break in Asheville.

  • Age – Clay pipelines only last about 50 years. After that, they disintegrate. If you have older iron pipes, they are susceptible to corrosion, which eventually causes them to break down.
  • Tree Roots – Because tree roots seek water in the soil, if there is a big tree in your yard near the sewer line, the roots will likely locate the line sooner or later. Roots are not sufficiently powerful to break through pipes, yet it is a regular occurrence in Asheville, so that you might think otherwise.
  • Freeze-Thaw Cycles – During the winter in Asheville, we experience a lot of freeze-thaw cycles, which cause the sewer line to expand and contract, increasing the chance of damage.
  • Too Much Water Temperature – Cracks can be caused by too hot water, particularly in PVC or ABS pipes.
  • Construction Nearby – Construction or maintenance work near the sewer line can cause it to break if the earth shifts and puts pressure on it. Alternatively, even if the earth naturally settles and shifts over time, it can still result in a broken sewer line.
  • Low-Quality Piping – If the sewer pipes were poorly manufactured or installed, there is a higher chance that they will break.

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Finding and Fixing the Break in Asheville

With a sewer camera, an Asheville professional plumber can identify the location of a leak in the drain line. A tiny camera is inserted into the drain line and travels through it to find the leak. This saves you the trouble of digging up the lawn to find the leak.

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Once the break has been located, the plumber can install a new liner in the pipe without unearthing anything. Please visit our sewer repair page for more information!

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