In most instances, moderate to complex plumbing jobs, such as the installation of major appliances and the detection and repair of leaks, should be done by licensed, professional plumbers possessing the experience and skills needed to perform those jobs. However, do-it-yourself homeowners are encouraged to carry out simple plumbing tasks themselves.

Autry Plumbing, based in Asheville and serving the residents of that and other surrounding North Carolina cities, invites homeowners to read this brief article discussing five of those relatively simple plumbing tasks.


One of the most manageable plumbing issues for do-it-yourselfers to take care of themselves is a clog. Toilets, sinks and shower drains can often become obstructed by a variety of substances. These occurrences not only inhibit smooth and efficient water flow, but could place undue pressure on surrounding pipes.

Fortunately, unclogging a drain or pipe does not always necessitate the use of fancy equipment or abrasive chemicals. Plumbing industry professionals maintain that said action could be completed using an item known as a drain snake, which is a long object that can be placed through a drain possessing the capacity to break up most materials that commonly clog drains. Drain snakes are available for purchase online or at home improvement retail chains.

Individuals who are unable to obtain a drain snake, might also eliminate clogs with the assistance of a wet shop vac. These are usually able to snuff out stubborn drain obstructions.

Increasing Water Heater Efficiency

Few items play as crucial a role in ensuring a homeowner’s comfort, as a water heater. Employing techniques to boost this component’s efficiency could prove crucial to preventing exorbitant energy bills and expensive repairs. This can be achieved by executing actions like:

  • Checking the water levels.
  • Ensuring the thermostat is not set at excessive temperatures.
  • Insulating the unit’s tank.
  • Preventing a collection of environmental debris like dirt and dust from collecting on the outside.

Additionally, a professional clearing of the unit, to get any sediment buildup out, also proves critical to optimal efficiency.

Shower Head Problems

Few plumbing issues prove to be a greater annoyance than dripping shower heads. This circumstance might occur for a variety of reasons. Occasionally, the problem is precipitated by tired or damaged thread tape. This item can be replaced by removing the shower head and reattaching fresh adhesive.

Drips can also be caused by clogged or dirty shower heads. Said items can be soaked in a bowl containing warm water and vinegar for approximately an hour, and then scrubbed using a tiny brush. This process might eliminate any build up inside the nozzles.

Minor Toilet Repairs

Many homeowners have experienced a phenomenon known as the “ghost flush,” which occurs when a toilet seemingly flushes by itself. This occurrence is usually precipitated by a faulty component inside the toilet’s tank, which causes leaks between the tank and bowl. In many cases, the offending item is a worn flapper. Fortunately, these items are inexpensive and easy to replace.

Loosen Stuck Pipes

Many sink or toilet pipes become stiff and get stuck. Homeowners might find success reversing this circumstance, by applying heat from a small propane torch. That said, those employing this technique are strongly encouraged to practice pertinent safety measures, such as exposing heat only to metal piping, never performing said task near tubes transporting gas and protecting surrounding environments with heat resistant materials.

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