23 Apr. 19

3 Reasons Why Pipe Inspections Can Save You From A Plumbing Nightmare

The use of video inspections to investigate pipe systems of various kinds has been around for a number of years and you may be asking yourself, why are pipe inspections important? You may be thinking this is another way for a plumbing or pipe repair company to add a few extra dollars to their bottom line, but you might be surprised. The value of having your pipe system investigated through a video inspection is pivotal in determining your leaking pipe problem, sewer odor dilemma or backed-up toilet issue. The value of putting a camera down your plumbing system now could save you from major pipe system problems down the road.

1. Visual Identification

Since pipe systems are often in hard to reach places, inspecting them from the outside can be difficult. Pipe video inspections allow you to see the internal condition of your pipe system. You will not know 100% the condition your pipes  until an internal camera inspection takes place. Whether you have a root intrusion problem in which roots are growing inside your pipe system or there’s a misaligned joint, a camera will be able to identify a pipe system problem. The location of the problem area is recorded and the inspection process is complete. In most cases, the company that’s inspecting your pipes will also be recording the inspection. Make sure to ask for the recording of the inspection to have in your files for verification. After the inspection, you will know exactly what’s wrong with your system and then you will be able to determine what needs to be done to fix the problem. 

2. Identify future problems 

During the pipe inspection process, the condition of your pipe system can tell you not only if you have a leak or a blockage but it can also identify future problems that your system may have down the road. For example, external corrosion can be identified as the pipe walls recede and become thinner. With thinning walls, in sewer and potable water systems, leaks and cracks can develop. In a pressurized water system identifying thinning areas can help you avoid future leak disasters that are very disruptive and costly to fix. By inspecting your pipe system you will prevent future costs caused by a failed pipe.

3.  Cost Effective 

Lastly, pipe inspections offer owners and property managers a custom roadmap for planning the cost to maintain and repair their pipe systems years from now. In a condominium, complex property managers and board of directors will be able to set aside the funds they need for future maintenance programs or repairs to keep systems working properly. To avoid being caught off guard during a pipe system back-up or leak – plan ahead! Having a pipe inspection done to avoid those sudden pipe problems will help you save money and a lot of headaches in the long-run.